• The Premier Speed Coaching Clinic of 2014!

    Hear legendary coaches, running, and speed development experts: Brad Deweese, Jonathan Dugas, Peter Weyand and Mike Young. Find out more.

  • Dr. Brad Deweese

    Here Brad speak on Periodization - Historical Underpinnings & New Definition and a look into Seamless Sequential Training Theory. More about Dr. Brad Deweese.

  • Jonathan Dugas, Ph.D.

    Co-Author of Runner's World The Runner's Body and The Science of Sport blog. Speaking topics include the physiology of thirst and Training Quality vs. Quantity. More about Jonathan Dugas.

For Coaches and Athletes of All Levels and Abilities

Coaches of all sports, as well as conditioning and speed coaches are welcome.

The Speed Summit Midwest 2014

On August 9th & 10th, The Speed Summit will feature talks by legendary coaches, running, and speed development experts: Brad Deweese, Jonathan Dugas, Peter Weyand and Mike Young. Speed is a skill which can be taught. How to teach speed is a skill that can be taught as well. To that end we have brought together many of the top speed experts in America and the World to talk about how to make track athletes in particular, and all athletes in general, faster. These experts will lecture and then answer questions, both individually and in a panel question and answer format. Additionally for an additional charge you can choose to dine with one of the these legends and pick their brains in a small group discussion, over lunch and/or dinner. Click here to learn more.

Dr. Brad Deweese is one of the Nation's premiere sport performance coaches and sport scientists. He is currently serving as a professor at East Tennessee State University in the Department of Kinesiology, Sport Science, and Leisure Studies; which also serves as a United States Olympic Committee Training Site. Prior to his arrival at ETSU, Brad was the Head Sport Physiologist for the United States Olympic Committee's Winter Division where he oversaw the physical preparation of world-class athletes readying themselves for international competition in a variety of sports such as track & field, bobsled, skeleton, luge, freestyle ski, biathlon, karate, canoe/ kayak, and the marathon. In addition to his coaching duties with the USOC, Brad implemented a world-class athlete-monitoring program emphasizing the optimization of speed and power abilities.

Jonathan Dugas, Ph.D. will present on the runners's body (how the latest in exercise can improve performance in the speed and power events) and training quality vs. quantity. Jonathan is co-author of Runner's World The Runners's Body and The Science of Sport blog. Jonathan Dugas obtained his Ph.D. in Exercise Physiology from the University of Cape Town in 2006. His thesis, supervised by professor Tim Noakes, was titled "Temperature responses to exercise and performance", and looked at fluid replacement, body temperature and performance during exercise in both the lab setting and in competitions, such as the Two Oceans 56 km Ultra-marathon and the Cape Argus/Pick 'n Pay 109 km Cycle Tour. Jonathan is currently the Director of Clinical Development at The Vitality Group, in Chicago, IL.

Dr. Peter Weyand is widely recognized as a leading scholar on the scientific basis of human performance. His research on the determinants of high-intensity exercise performance has shaped contemporary understanding and modern training practices in sprinting events. Dr. Weyand's scholarly expertise draws on the largely distinct fields of human exercise physiology and comparative vertebrate biomechanics. His research integrates performance, biomechanics, and metabolic power at the whole-body level. His study subjects through the years have ranged from antelope, sled dogs, flightless birds, and rodents to Olympic sprinters and hurdlers.

Dr. Mike Young is the owner Human Performance Consulting and its sport science research and training center, Athletic Lab. He is also currently serving as the fitness coach for the Vancouver Whitecaps of the MLS.Mike Young brings the unique qualities of being a nationally recognized researcher, coach, and educator. Mike has a BS in Exercise Physiology, an MS in Coaching Science and a PhD in Biomechanics. Mike is an NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, a Level 2 USA Weightlifting Coach, and is one of the only coaches to have achieved a USATF Level 3 recognition in the sprint events. He also has a USATF Level 2 certification in 3 event areas. Coach Young has developed training plans for professional athletes ranging from dragon boat racing to soccer and has helped prepare numerous players for the NFL combine and MLB. In the sport of Track & Field he coached or assisted multiple Olympians, National Champions, and Collegiate National Champions.

Join these legends of speed for two knowledge filled motivating day and let them help you become a better coach or athlete.

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